Goldtool Coax Cable Stripper


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Product Overview
The Goldtool Coax Cable Stripper  [ GHT-332  } very  easy to use stripper is sized specifically for RG-58, RG-59 and RG-6 Coaxial Cable. The plastic guide can be rotated to strip RG6, RG58 and RG59. Stripping coax cable with this tool is a simple operation and full operating instructions are provided. Simply insert the coax and rotate the tool 3-4 times for a perfect strip.
The  stripping blades are fully adjustable to increase or decrease the stripping length from 4mm to 12mm. The blade is factory pre-set for a 6mm strip. Blade depth is also adjustable with the included hex wrench
•Adjustable blades
•Compact design
•Included hex wrench stores on the tool


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